Experience of multiple generations 1531559_10152120814538442_810255537_n

The farmstead of the Börger family in Loxstedt (Germany), which was run as a classical farm, already existed at the beginning of the 19th century. They always owned horses, but back then they were mainly used as work horses, as the agricultural focus of the business was lying on the suckler cow and dairy farming, as well as on the own feed extraction.


Also the grand-son of Heinrich, Matthias, was infected with the „horse virus“ at a very young age and as young student successfully placed several home-grown horses in tournaments. Fairly quickly, it became clear to him that he would like to turn his hobby into a career and went to Celle to start his education.

In 2013 Friederike and Matthias started their own business after their “Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterprüfung” in Warendorf. It is including the full training of horses, their presentation at tournaments as well as sales and placement of horses and stallionpresentations.

One main aspect is connecting both  - the love and passion for horses. The daily contact with our own, as well as our clients’ horses, or the careful feed extraction under best conditions – main role are always the needs of the horses.